Professional Marble, Slate, and Granite Cleaner Services - Complete Care Products for Marble, Granite, and Wood Cleaning

Stone, Wood and Slate Cleaning Solutions

When engaging in the cleaning of stone, porcelain, terracotta, brick, concrete, and especially slate materials, choosing the right cleaning intervention is crucial for achieving the best results for future protection and maintenance stages. It's imperative that the cleaning system selected is compatible with the specific nature of the material—be it new or aged—and tailored to address the extent of soiling or deterioration present.

Professional Cleaning Approach

Addressing cleaning challenges demands a professional strategy, particularly when identifying the most suitable product for each unique situation. GEAL SYSTEMS offers an extensive portfolio of specialised cleaning products, including solutions designed for the effective cleaning of slate surfaces.

Product Range for Comprehensive Care

The product range provided by GEAL SYSTEMS encompasses:

  • Acidic Cleaners: Known for their potent cleaning ability, these are nevertheless safe for the operator to use. They’re ideal for removing stubborn stains and are an excellent choice for a slate cleaner that needs to tackle tough grime without damaging the stone.
  • Alkaline Cleaners: These are perfect for cutting through grease and soiling, suitable for environments where slate and other stones are exposed to oily substances.
  • Solvent Cleaners: Targeted for synthetic resins, these cleaners also work well on slate by removing residues that water-based products might leave behind.
  • Poultice and Gel-Based Extractors: For more specific problems, including those encountered with slate surfaces, these products offer targeted solutions for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Maintenance with Neutral Detergents

For routine upkeep, NEUTRAL DETERGENTS are essential. When utilised in the correct dilution, they provide effective cleaning without compromising the finish of the stone or slate surfaces. This ensures that the natural beauty of the material is preserved, extending its life and maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

GEAL Cleaning Products are Simple to Use for Domestic and Commercial Requirements.

New EXCLUSIVE Non-Corrosive Multipurpose Eust and Oxidization Extractor for All Types of Sedimentary Calcium Based Stones, Basalts and Granites.

ESTRATTORE ALCALE is a Multi-Stain and Oil Extractor for Terracotta, Stone and Engineered Stone.

Protect & Enhance with GEALS Technology

Revolutionising Stone Care

Introducing revolutionary, eco-friendly, water-based colour enhancers designed for all types of stone. Tailor your desired shade and strength with ease, ensuring your stone features look their best.

Deep and Surface Solutions

Our products are expertly crafted to address a myriad of stone surface concerns, ensuring deep and thorough care. The treatments offer:

  • Waterproofing and Mould Prevention: Keep surfaces dry and free from unsightly mould.
  • Acid Rain Protection: Shield your stone from the erosive effects of acid rain.
  • Moisture and Efflorescence Control: Prevent rising damp and salt deposits from damaging your stone.
  • Stain and Oil Resistance: Create an invisible barrier that repels water and oil-based stains.
  • Consolidation: Strengthen both the surface and deeper layers of your stone.
  • Anti-Stain Barrier: Safeguard your stone against stubborn stains.
  • Finishing Treatments: Achieve the perfect finish, enhancing the stone's natural colour and texture.
  • Colour Enhancement: Customise the intensity of your stone's colour with specialised treatments.
Protect & Enhance

Making the Right Choice

Selecting the ideal product requires a comprehensive understanding of the material's characteristics, condition, and the environment it resides in. Factors such as:

  • Indoor/outdoor location
  • Moisture levels
  • State of conservation

Must all be considered to ensure the best possible outcome.

GEALS Commitment to Conservation

Our products not only protect but also preserve the beauty and integrity of your stone with features like:

  • Reversibility: Easy to remove, allowing for future treatments.
  • Color Preservation: Maintain the stone's original hue without unnatural discolouration.
  • Safety: Formulated to leave no toxic residues, ensuring a safe environment.
  • Non-Filming: Does not create a surface film, allowing the stone to breathe.
  • Material Breathability: Promotes the health and longevity of treated materials by allowing vapour transmission.

By choosing GEALS, you are ensuring that your stone receives the most careful and effective treatment, preserving its natural beauty and structural integrity for years to come.

Introduction to Finishing Products

Finishing products play a pivotal role in the enhancement of materials like COTTO (Brick), MARBLE, STONE, and WOOD. These products not only elevate the aesthetics of these materials but also fortify their functional attributes.

The Essence of Finishing

The application of finishing products marks the culmination of a meticulous treatment process. This comprehensive approach respects the initial steps of cleaning and protection while catering to the unique requirements of each material type. It underscores the dedication and expertise of professionals, significantly augmenting the value of their work.

Product Diversity in Finishing

Wax Pastes and Liquid Preparations

Traditional finishing solutions, such as wax pastes and liquid formulations, remain popular choices for their ease of use and consistent results.

Innovative Formulations

The introduction of cutting-edge products featuring innovative active ingredients, like fluorinated compounds, represents a significant advancement in finishing technology. These modern solutions offer enhanced durability and protection, setting a new standard in material finishing.

Revolutionary Anti-Graffiti Solutions

Graffiti removal from unprotected surfaces has long posed a significant challenge, as the removal process greatly depends on the type of paint and the surface affected. Enter GRAFFITI ESTRATTORE, a cutting-edge solution tailored for the efficient removal of graffiti from unprotected areas. This innovative method is complemented by GEAL’s range of products and various cleaning techniques, offering a comprehensive approach to graffiti removal.

Tailored Cleaning Agent for Protected Surfaces

For surfaces that are already protected, GRAFFI TERGENT provides an optimised cleaning solution. Specifically formulated to work in tandem with GEAL’s anti-graffiti systems, this cleaner ensures that protected surfaces can maintain their integrity while combating graffiti.

Introducing GEAL’s Anti-Graffiti Coatings

GEAL has developed a state-of-the-art anti-graffiti coating system, fulfilling critical requirements for protection without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the surface. This system includes two main offerings:


A renewable option designed for surfaces that require occasional cleaning. This coating allows for the removal of graffiti through cleaning, without damaging the protective layer.


For a more robust solution, GRAFFI SCUDO offers a permanent coating that withstands up to five graffiti cleaning cycles. Its formidable defence against graffiti adherence makes it a long-term solution for keeping surfaces pristine.

Both products are engineered to discourage graffiti artists by creating an invisible barrier that prevents paint from adhering to the surface. The use of GRAFFI TERGENT, a specialised detergent, further ensures that graffiti can be removed effortlessly without harming the protective coating.

For more detailed information about GEAL’s groundbreaking anti-graffiti products, please visit the antigraffiti information page.

Geal's Wood Care Products

Premium Range for Timber and Parquetry

Geal proudly presents its exquisite range of wood care products, meticulously designed to cater to your varied needs. Our collection encompasses both oil and water-based solutions, ensuring your timber and parquetry, whether placed indoors or outdoors, receive the highest level of care. Not to mention, our specially formulated products are perfect for rejuvenating your wooden furniture, giving it a lasting gleam and durability.

With Geal, rest assured that every wood surface in your home or office will be protected and preserved with the utmost quality.

Wet Areas

In environments exposed to moisture and water, sedimentary stones require enhanced protection to preserve their integrity and appearance. The application of specialised consolidants is imperative in such conditions, as they penetrate the stone's porous structure, providing a barrier against water absorption and the resulting damage. These treatments are particularly vital in preserving historical structures and monuments, ensuring their longevity and maintaining their aesthetic qualities against the challenges posed by wet conditions.

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