Marble, Granite & Wood Cleaning and Care Products

Stone Cleaning and Wood Treatment

Regarding the cleaning of stone, porcelain, terracotta, brick and concrete materials, a cleaning intervention represents a basic technical statement for good results for further intervention of protection and maintenance.

The choice of the cleaning system must be in respect to the nature of the material you are working with and its condition (new or old) including the consistency of soiling or degradation to be removed.

Cleaning problems, therefore, must be resolved with a professional approach, in order to find out the correct product for each and every individual scenario.

GEAL SYSTEMS have a wide range of specific cleaning products to solve every specific need.

From acid products – characterised by a strong removing effect but safe for the operator – to the controlled action of the materials to the alkaline cleaner for the degreasing.

The range also includes SOLVENT CLEANERS to synthetic resins, besides other specific products derived from mixing an acid compound with an active ingredient, acid or alkaline which allows to solve specific problems.

For ordinary maintenance it is necessary to use NEUTRAL DETERGENTS which – when properly diluted – do not affect the finishing. The range of cleaning products is enlarged with several POULTICE EXTRACTORS and GEL BASED EXTRACTORS suitable for solving different problems, even the most specific ones, both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


GEAL cleaning products are simple to use for domestic and commercial requirements

New EXCLUSIVE non corrosive multipurpose rust and oxidization extractor for all types of sedimentary calcium based stones, basalts and granites.

ESTRATTORE ALCALE is a multi stain and oil extractor for Terracotta, stone and engineered stone.

Protect & Enhance

Revolutionary new tech Echo friendly water based color enhances. For the enhancing of all types of stone. Can be used to tailor make your required shade strength color enhancement. 

They are indicated for working in depth on the surface of materials and are distinguished accordingly to their function. The category of chemicals is intended for a wide range of problematic areas that must be solved with the full knowledge of the fact as their solution will lead to the final result of the treatment. The main functions accomplished by these products include:

  • Protect & EnhanceWaterproof and anti mould protection
  • Protection against acid rain
  • Control of rising damp and anti efflorescence action
  • Water – oil proof and anti stain protection
  • Deep and superficial consolidation
  • Anti – stain barrier
  • Finishing phase
  • Colour enhancing treatment

The choice of the most suitable product cannot be done without the knowledge of the main characteristics of the material to be treated and its preservation and conditions. For a conscious choice of the method to be preferred, it will be very important to check the environmental conditions and the construction site where the intervention will be carried out.

{ indoor or outdoor moisture ratio of materials state of conservation }

GEALS products are also indicated for the conservation of the important features of the treated material.

  • Reversibility of the materials
  • Conservation of the original color of the stone
  • Non-toxic residues
  • Non-filming on the surface
  • Breathing of treated materials

GEALS products are highly specialized, as the right choice of product assures the best guarantee of professionalism for the users.


This category includes products that can be used according to the material ie. COTTO, MARBLE, STONE, and WOOD,  In order to improve the aesthetical features and consider the functional characteristics of the treatment.

The finishing products complete the treatment intended as a system based on the logical respect of the proceeding phases of cleaning and protection and on the specific needs of each material in order to promote the professionalism of the operator and then to increase the value of their work.

The variety of products for the finishing range from wax pastes and liquid preparations to the most modern products containing innovative active ingredients, such as fluorinated compounds.

Anti Graffiti System

A unique solution to removing GRAFFITI from unprotected surfaces has never existed before. As the solution depends on the kind of paint and surface where GRAFFITI has been done.  

GRAFFITI ESTRATTORE gives the most suitable and efficient solution to remove graffiti on unprotected surfaces. This operation can be completed by other GEAL’s products and by other cleaning methods. GRAFFI TERGENT the cleaner studied for protected surfaces.

GEAL has created an anti-graffiti protection system, with the basic requirements of invisibility and breathing of the protective surfaces, giving at the same time the highest efficiency indeed. You may choose between renewable GRAFFI DEFEND – removable by cleaning graffiti and the permanent of GRAFFI SCUDO which resists up to five cleaning cycles.

In both cases either of the GRAFFI treatments do not allow the adhesion of paints, discouraging the graffiti artist with an invisible protected surface. This allows easy cleaning with the use of GRAFFI TERGENT, the specific detergent of the GRAFFI SYSTEMS. Here is the antigraffiti information.


Geal has a special range of oil and water based products for both timber and pacquatry needs both internal, external and wooden furniture.

Wet Areas

Specialized consolidants for sedimentary stones for wet areas.

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