GEAL’S PHYLOSOPHYstone and ceramics

The ELITE GEAL brand represents PASSION, ART, INNOVATION and ENDURANCE. GEAL is an institution that has evolved from within the realms of the stone and Cotto industry

Deep in the heart of Tuscany.  GEAL’S primary belief is that stone and many other building materials should only be treated on its genuine merits.

This is not to say that GEAL suggest that stone and ceramics require treating in all circumstances. We are primarily influential in the conservation of building materials rather than creating gimmicks that are costly and inappropriate to the client’s investment.

GEAL is without doubt the most respected, the most innovative technologically advanced company in the world today that engineer an unimaginable array of unique and very exclusive formulas for the treatment of all types of stone, porcelain, terrazzo, cotto, bricks, concrete and wood.

Internationally acclaimed VISIONARY Dr Eugenio Giusti the founder of GEAL is a man of great enthusiasm. GEAL over the years has undeniably captured the attention of world ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATIONIST, INTHUSIASTS and respective ARTISANS from all over the world.